About Deepwater Wind


About Deepwater Wind

Deepwater Wind believes that gaining energy independence is both a national priority and a practical, achievable goal. The winds off our eastern seaboard are strong, unlimited, and reliable, and can be harnessed using today’s proven technology.

America will need all types of renewable, domestically generated energy in the coming years. But only offshore wind energy can be developed at a rate and scale required to bring about the change we need today. We are developing utility-scale wind farms in deep waters that will provide abundant clean energy — up to 1,000 megawatts or more at each wind farm. Just as important, these large wind farms will be generating power closest to where it’s needed most — in energy-constrained East Coast markets where power is commonly generated using fossil fuels and construction of new generation is difficult. In the process of developing and operating these wind farms, we will partner with state and local governments to foster economic development. The benefits of new jobs, clean energy, and reduced reliance on foreign energy sources will be seen by coastal communities — and the entire country.

Industry Leader

Deepwater Wind is the United States leader in development of renewable, offshore wind-power projects. The company is led by a distinguished Board of Directors and a veteran management team with extensive experience in developing renewable energy and marine projects in the U.S. Deepwater Wind won two competitive State solicitations to become the preferred offshore wind developer for both Rhode Island and New Jersey and also won the first ever competitive auction for offshore wind sites held by the U.S. government. The company is also actively planning offshore wind projects in New York and Massachusetts.

Our Backing

The Deepwater Wind team is funded by sophisticated energy investors who together manage or own more than $30 billion in assets. Our investors understand the nature of the industry and the crucial need for ramp-up time to create profitable, utility-scale, ocean-based wind power.

Beyond the Horizon

Deepwater Wind utilizes proven foundation strategies which allow wind turbines to be cost-effectively deployed in water depths up to 150 feet, allowing turbines to be placed far from shore. Our foundation strategy is based on common practice in the offshore oil and gas industry. In fact, the same technology has been used in waters 1,000 feet deep. We work only with world-class turbine suppliers, combining proven and reliable technology with state-of-the-art innovation to meet energy demand.