About Deepwater Wind

The Opportunity

Wind energy is recognized around the world as an excellent form of clean, renewable power. We can never run out of it. There’s no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. The fuel is free, and not subject to the price fluctuations of foreign oil.

Deepwater Wind has a solution. Using offshore platform technology proven in the oil and gas industry, we’re able to build wind farms in deep ocean waters many miles offshore, where they are virtually invisible from land. Without visual impact issues, the wind farms can be very large in scale, with each one providing as much energy as a traditional coal or nuclear power plant — but with zero pollution or dangerous waste.

It’s the beginning of a new era in American energy independence that will bring economic development to states across the eastern seaboard.

Deepwater Wind has the proven technology, financial resources, relationships with manufacturers, and the dedication required to make offshore wind in the U.S. a reality. In fact, Deepwater Wind has been selected by two states to build wind farms offshore (in Rhode Island and with our partner PSEG Renewables in New Jersey). But to get these and other projects built within a timeframe that will help meet our country’s urgent energy demands, there needs to be coordinated action between federal and state governments to accelerate the permitting process. With the roadblocks to offshore development taken down, we can achieve energy independence, stem climate change, and put America to work building a sustainable economy.

Perhaps just as important, Deepwater Wind can build wind farms 20 miles offshore, making them virtually invisible to coastal communities. For the first time in our nation’s history, we will create abundant energy without harming the environment or degrading the beauty of our natural landscapes.