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Deepwater Wind is proud to be America’s leading offshore wind developer.  The company’s path breaking Block Island Wind Farm will be the first in the nation. Led by a veteran management team with experience in developing complex energy projects worldwide, Deepwater Wind is making offshore wind in America a reality.

Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, we are actively developing and building a portfolio of offshore wind projects to serve multiple markets on both the East and West Coasts of the U.S.


Building an offshore wind industry in the U.S. will create thousands of American jobs. Today, the offshore wind industry in Europe employs nearly 60,000 workers. There are approximately 2,500 wind turbines spinning in the ocean off the coast of Europe today, but none yet in the United States. Developing an offshore wind industry right here in America will increase our nation’s competitiveness in energy sector, revitalize industrial ports, bolster the manufacturing sector, and create good, high paying, jobs in the years to come.

Offshore wind is an excellent source of local, clean, and reliable energy. New technology already used around the globe can harness the strong and steady ocean winds, transform them into clean electricity, and transmit that power where it’s needed through a cable buried deep under the ocean floor.

Throughout the last decade, offshore wind has experienced major technological breakthroughs. Those breakthroughs have greatly lowered the cost of building and servicing these clean energy plants. And, since offshore wind is strongest when energy is needed most—in the middle of the day and early evening—it will help to stabilize electric rates.

Traditional power plants burn fossil fuels and emit harmful pollutants. These emissions have significant negative impacts on our environment and public health. Offshore wind is a clean, abundant energy source that will help to displace these dirty fossil fuels, improving the air we breathe and protecting our natural resources.



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For all media inquiries, please call Meaghan Wims at (401) 274-0001 ×434 or email