Clean Energy

The South Fork Wind Farm will generate enough energy to power 50,000 homes, displacing millions of tons of air pollutants each year and helping to jumpstart a local offshore wind industry.

Healthy Communities

All of the project’s electrical cables on the island will be buried beneath existing roads, and – as the project will be located 30 miles off the coast of Montauk – the wind farm will not be visible from Long Island’s beaches.

Being a Good Neighbor

Since this project was proposed in 2015, we have been increasingly active in the East Hampton community, listening to the thoughts and concerns of folks from Montauk to Wainscott. Based on that feedback, we are have proposed a Community Benefits Agreement that firmly establishes our long-term commitment to East Hampton.

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The South Fork Wind Farm.

Deepwater Wind’s new South Fork Wind Farm will make Long Island a national leader in renewable energy. It will defer the need to build costly new fossil-fired power generators or controversial transmission lines, which will save money for ratepayers. It will help both the Town of East Hampton and New York State achieve their clean energy goals. It will be designed, built and operated with extensive federal, state, and local oversight to ensure the highest levels of safety and environmental stewardship.

Saving Money for Ratepayers in East Hampton & Across Long Island.

The south fork needs new sources of power to meet its demand, which is growing faster than any other place on Long Island. In 2015, LIPA called for proposals for new sources of power serving the south fork and received more than a dozen competing proposals. LIPA concluded that the South Fork Wind Farm was the most cost-effective way to meet the south fork’s needs even considering fossil-fuel and transmission alternatives. Deepwater Wind will fund 100% of the cost of building the wind farm and will be paid a competitive rate by LIPA for the energy it delivers to the East Hampton substation.

Making Long Island a Leader in Renewable Energy.

The South Fork Wind Farm will produce enough clean, renewable energy every year to power 50,000 typical homes. Our wind farm will be the largest source of renewable energy on Long Island, which will help the Town of East Hampton meet its 100% renewable energy goal and New York State achieve its goal of 50% clean energy. When energy usage is highest, the wind farm will complement existing power sources to ensure the area has enough power during peak hours. When energy needs are lower, the wind farm will generate enough electricity to power a significant portion of the south fork.

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