About Deepwater Wind

DeepWater Wind

Deepwater Wind is proud to be America’s leading offshore wind developer.  The company’s path breaking Block Island Wind Farm is the first in the nation. Led by a veteran management team with experience in developing complex energy projects worldwide, Deepwater Wind is making offshore wind in America a reality.

Headquartered in Providence, RI, we are actively planning offshore wind projects to serve multiple East Coast markets located 15 or more miles offshore, including New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, and New Jersey.



Deepwater Wind is led by a veteran management team with extensive experience in developing renewable energy and marine projects around the globe.  The Block Island Wind Farm is America’s first.  Deepwater Wind won two competitive state solicitations to become the preferred offshore wind developer for both Rhode Island and New Jersey and also won the first-ever competitive auction for offshore wind sites held by the U.S. government.




The Deepwater Wind team is owned principally by an entity of the D.E. Shaw group, with over $35 billion of assets under management. Our owners are deeply experienced in the energy sector and understand the nature of the industry and the crucial need for ramp-up time to create profitable, utility-scale, ocean-based wind power.



Proven technology already used around the globe can harness the strong and steady ocean winds off the shores of the United States, transform them into clean, cost-effective electricity, and transmit that power to where it is needed most. And, by using offshore platform technology proven in the oil and gas industry, we’re able to build wind farms in deep ocean waters many miles offshore, where they are barely visible from shore.