About Deepwater Wind

Powering Long Island With Offshore Wind

Deepwater ONE is an offshore wind farm planned for the best site for wind energy in the eastern United States – the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 30 miles east of Montauk. New technology already used around the globe can harness these strong and steady ocean winds, transform them into clean electricity and transmit that power to Long Island through a new cable buried deep under the ocean floor. There are thousands of wind turbines spinning in the ocean off the coast of Europe today, but none yet in the United States. Long Island can play a big part in jumpstarting this industry here in the United States._

A Powerful Choice for Healthier Communities. Deepwater ONE would provide a much-needed source of new and clean energy for the East End of Long Island. With 35 of the largest and latest-technology offshore wind turbines, Deepwater ONE would produce enough power for 120,000 households on Long Island.

Just as important, offshore wind is a clean energy source that will improve air quality on Long Island. Unlike traditional power plants, offshore wind produces no harmful emissions. With Deepwater ONE, the Long Island power system will need less power from traditional power plants that burn fossil fuels and emit harmful pollutants. Deepwater ONE can displace the emission of many tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year, for decades. And all transmission cables will be buried deep below existing roadways and shoreline features – no overhead cables or new utility poles required.

Cost-Effective, Clean Energy. Deepwater ONE’s power will be cost-competitive with other sources of power. Offshore wind has experienced major technological breakthroughs in the last decade. Those breakthroughs have greatly lowered the cost of building and servicing these clean energy plants – and Long Islanders will benefit from those advances. Plus, Deepwater ONE will produce most of its energy during peak usage periods late in the day, when it will capture the sea breezes.

Why Long Island? Long Island needs more electricity to meet growing demand, especially on the East End. The Long Island Power Authority is now considering several options to meet this need, and it’s expected to decide this year which new power sources to tap.

Where? Deepwater ONE will be located in the Atlantic Ocean, 30 miles east of Montauk. It will not be visible from the shores of Long Island. Deepwater Wind won the nation’s first auction for an offshore wind lease from the U.S. Department of the Interior. In total, the project site is roughly 250 square miles.

When? If Long Island says “yes” to offshore wind, Deepwater ONE construction could begin in 2017, with the project in-service in 2018.

New Jobs and Investment. Deepwater ONE will create several hundred new jobs on Long Island, including work for engineers, tradesmen and women, and the gamut of jobs necessary to build and maintain a major project like this one.