Good Jobs

Deepwater ONE will employ hundreds of workers across the region during project construction, and dozens more in long-term maintenance and operations. Major construction activities like turbine assembly, foundation fabrication and more, will occur in the region’s ports.

Clean Energy

Located in the best site for offshore wind in the United States, Deepwater ONE has over 1,000 MW of capacity.  The wind is so strong and consistent in this site, that average annual capacity factors are expected to reach 50%, among the best in America.  Deepwater ONE can be built in phases over time, supplying power to both southern New England and eastern Long Island. Located over the horizon, in the deep waters of Atlantic Ocean. The project will be barely visible from shore.

Eventually, this project would grow to 200 or more turbines generating 1 gigawatt of clean energy — for multiple power markets in the region.

Healthy Communities

Deepwater ONE will provide a much-needed source of new and clean energy for the region, displacing the emission of many tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year, for decades. And, all transmission cables will be buried deep below the seabed offshore and in existing roadways onshore.

Offshore Wind’s Next Generation

Deepwater ONE is an offshore wind farm planned for the best site for wind energy in the eastern U.S. – the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean where the winds are strongest and where it won’t be seen from shore. Deepwater ONE will produce enough power to serve New England and Long Island. Deepwater Wind won the nation’s first auction for exclusive rights to develop this 256 square mile site in 2013.