Clean Energy

The South Fork Wind Farm will generate 90 megawatts of clean, renewable energy for Long Island’s South Fork, making it the largest offshore wind farm in America. The project will help satisfy Long Island Power Authority’s commitment to bring online 280 megawatts of on-island renewable capacity, and it will provide early support to the Town of East Hampton’s long-term goal of achieving 100 percent renewable energy use by 2030.

Healthy Communities

The project will avoid the need to build dirty fossil-fueled power plants or controversial transmission lines.  The South Fork Wind Farm will reduce carbon emissions on Long Island by nearly 20 million metric tons over its lifetime. All electrical cables on the island will be buried beneath existing roads, and – as the project will be located 30 miles off the coast of Montauk – the wind farm will not be visible from Long Island’s beaches. While our 15 turbines work in the distance to generate enough energy to power 50,000 local homes, South Fork residents will look out and see the same spotless horizon they’ve always loved.


The cost of offshore wind has come down significantly in recent years due to rapid technological advancements, placing the South Fork Wind Farm among the world’s most cost-effective energy sources. The United States is on its way to a clean-energy future, and the first step is taking place right here on Long Island. The South Fork Wind Farm will be the largest offshore wind farm in the country, immediately establishing the State of New York as one of the nation’s clear leaders in the emerging renewable energy economy.

America is moving toward a renewable energy future, and Long Island is helping to lead the way. The South Fork Wind Farm will be among the first offshore wind farms ever constructed in the United States – and by far the largest.

When completed, the South Fork Wind Farm will consist of 15 advanced offshore wind turbines able to generate 90 megawatts of the world’s cleanest and most efficient energy, and a state-of-the-art electric transmission system buried beneath the ocean floor that will deliver that energy directly to East Hampton.

The South Fork Wind Farm was proposed in response to New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision initiative and designed around the premise that renewable energy can be a reliable and cost-effective solution to modern electricity challenges. By delivering clean energy reliably when and where it’s needed, the South Fork Wind Farm will not only help the Long Island Power Authority reach its goal of adding 280 megawatts of renewable capacity, and help the Town of East Hampton accomplish its goal of moving to 100 percent renewable energy, but it will also help defer the need to build costly new energy infrastructure on East End, saving money for all Long Island ratepayers.

The site was selected based on a multi-year stakeholder engagement process led by the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Depending on the schedule for permitting, construction could start as early as 2019 – and the wind farm could be operational as early as 2022.