Clean, Renewable, Affordable

The Skipjack Wind Farm is the low cost option to deliver clean, renewable offshore wind energy to Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Just Over the Horizon

The Skipjack Wind Farm is located just over the horizon, which minimizes any potential visual impacts from the Ocean City shoreline. Skipjack the best option for the local tourism economy.

Jobs and Investment

The Skipjack Wind Farm will invest approximately $200 million in Maryland and bring hundreds of new jobs, benefitting the local economy.



WHAT:  A new offshore wind farm and state-of-the-art subsea transmission system. Capable of delivering 120 mega-watts of clean energy to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, it will generate enough energy to power 35,000 homes.

WHERE: The Skipjack Wind Farm is located in the Atlantic Ocean northeast of Ocean City, 19.5 miles away from its closest point in Maryland and 26 miles away from the Ocean City Pier. At those distances, and because it is located northeast of the Maryland coast, Skipjack is the best option to minimize visual impacts from the Ocean City shoreline.

WHEN:  Offshore construction is planned to start as early as 2021, with the wind farm coming online in 2022.

Request for Proposals

Seeking companies based in Maryland

Skipjack Offshore Energy, LLC (Client) desires to obtain a proposal from (Contractor) to perform design and analysis of foundation structures for the Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) associated with the proposed Skipjack Wind Farm (SJWF) project. Work scope includes design and analysis or foundation structures, project management, due diligence and technical support during all phases of construction and installation.

Contact Peter Lee at [email protected] for additional information and scope of work.