Clean Energy

Solar energy is an abundant, sustainable source of zero-carbon generation. By offsetting power generated by existing fossil fuel-burning power plants, our solar farm is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 2.9 million metric tons.

Good Neighbors

We are committed to continued stakeholder engagement during the development, construction and operation of our project to ensure that our project is built and operated to maximize benefits and avoid negative impacts.

Community Benefits

Once in operation, the project will be a significant taxpayer in the town. And, at the end of its useful life, all equipment will be removed, preserving the agricultural lands for future generations.

Powering New England with energy from the sun.

The Tobacco Valley Solar Farm.

The 26.4 MW Tobacco Valley Solar Farm will be located on 156 acres of a 289 acre site along County and Hoskins Roads in Simsbury, CT.  It is expected to generate enough energy to power 5,000 homes.


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Tobacco Valley Solar

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Tobacco Valley Solar - Site Aerial